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Demography of Elak Sub-Division

According to the third generation population and housing census (BUCREP), Elak municipality has a population of 87,790 inhabitants on a surface area of 3750.50km2 distributed in 35 villages. Women constitute 51.6% while men constitute 48.4% of the population. The population of the council area is stratified into children, youths, adults and the old. The council area has a vibrant active population which consists of youths between the ages 15 to 35. The majority of the population within the council area comprises children within the ages of 0-5 and 6-16years. The rate of emigration is high amongst the youthful population between 18 to 35 years. During the village diagnosis the people gave what they have as their population and this is presented in table 1 below:.

Table - Elak Demography