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Relief and Hydrology


The Elak council area relief is characterized by steep slopes ending up in valleys and an undulating landscape around the urban space with some inhabited areas as high as 2000m in altitude.  Mount Oku is the second highest peak in West Africa. The grid reference of the Summit of mount Oku is 6012’N and 10032’E. Southern slopes are known as the Ijim mountain while northern slopes as the Kilum mountain. The Summit is 3011 m above sea level and is known as mount Oku. In general, movement is either climbing or descending within the council area.


Lake Oku is the main water body within the municipality. It has a surface area of 260 ha. The lake is found at an elevation of 2219 m above sea level to the west of the Kilum massif. It is a crater lake that originated from volcanic activities in the past. There are many smaller streams and springs in the municipality that flow from the highlands and their catchments have been harnessed to serve the community with drinking water. Rivers Mfve and Mie are some of the popular rivers that flow right into Nigeria. There are also numerous water falls in this area which results from the nature of the relief (sudden drop in landscape due to presence of resistant rock).