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Protected Areas

Protected Areas:

There exist natural sites with ecological importance, like wetlands, forest reserves and sacred forests. The community forest has a protection status while wetlands are mostly used by farmers for vegetable cultivation especially during the dry season. For sacred forests it is also forbidden to either hunt or farm in them. There is need for zoning to carve out some of the ecologically important area for protection as well as obtaining legalization for all protected areas.

Mineral Resources:

It is obvious that valuable resources are to be found beneath the surface of the earth in the form of minerals. No formal research has been carried out to discover the type of minerals found in this area. The council area is endowed with basaltic granite and sand which is dug from quarries. There also exist huge deposits of gravel along the Elak Ibal road which is used for road construction. The inhabitants of this community also exploit these minerals for their welfare and construction of houses.