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About the Present Mayor - Ngum Jerome Njoh

Mayor Ngum Jerome Njoh, also called Nforme by the Kwifon of Oku and Seriki Sernu by the Ardors of Oku, was born in Elak - Oku on 21/06/1958 into the family of Ngum. Married to Ngalla Comfort and a father of 07 children.

Ngum Jerome Njioh, being of the choleric temperament is fundamentally an ambitious and charismatic leader who has the interest of his people at heart. A seasoned administrator who has impact lives and has brought tremendous change to the municipality of Oku and has ensure fundamental improvement in the Standard of living of all and sundry within Oku and beyond in his careful use of a multi-sectorial and holistic approach that values local human and natural resources. His areas of action centered around improvement of water, hygiene, sanitation, public health, education, micro finance, food, conservation, transport, tourism, promotion of local cultural heritage, etc.

Unambiguously, Lord Mayor Ngum in one of his speech to the public made it clear that his interest in this apparent admirable position with a lot of obstacles before it is the development and nothing else. Objectively and without fear nor favor, Lord Mayor has been matching his words with action. A vivid diagnosis proves that Oku’s growth rate from 2007 when he took the rostrum stands at 5.5%. As genus, Jerome elaborated a development plan which has been his working document. From here he did prioritize the need of his people sector by sector and village by village.

In a nutshell, Ngum Jerome Njioh is:

  • A caretaker and shows his love for people and has choose residence just back at home unlike other Mayors who prefer the cities.
  • The ability to envision the future as he exhibits a good vision for the future which matches with the need of his people and gearing towards emergence.
  • Good communication skill especially the ability to listen.
  • Good ability in inspiring others.
  • The ability to delegate and only provide direction.
  • Ability to plan and judging of the results.
  • Ngum Jerome is a man of integrity. He knows perfectly when it is time to move on.

Academic Profile.

A rich academic profile gives him all the attributes he posses. Currently, he is a student with International Correspondence School in Britain. In 1983 he went in for the competitive exams into the penitentiary core of the military and attended the CNFRAP Buea where he obtained Diploma in Penitentiary Administration. In his alma maters, he obtained first school leaving certificate in CBC Elak Oku in 1978, GCE O/L and A/L in GBHS Ntamulung External in 1995 and 1998 respectively.

Some Workshops and Seminars attended

In addition to his academic profile, he has learned much practical lessons through educating workshops and seminars.

Seminars attended

Professional Profile

Ngum Jerome Njioh is a seasoned administrator who has served the Republic of Cameroon in different capacities. This gives him the aptitude of an icon Mayor. He has been the Mayor of Oku from 2007 to present and served as the Secretary General North West Association of Mayors (UCCC) from 2007 to 2014. Before this time, he served as the Private Secretary of Governor of the Center Region from2003 to 2007, Private Secretary of DOT MINATD Yaounde from 1998 to 2003, Private Secretary of Governor North West Region from 1996 to 1998, Private Secretary of Governor Adamawa Region from 1993 to 1996 and Private Secretary of SDO Vina Division Ngaoundere from 1991 to 1993. As the teacher of souls that he is, he was a Juvenile Reformatory School Teacher in the Central Prison of Bamenda from 1983 to 1991. He can vividly be judge from the works of his hand.

Political Career

His political background portrays him as true comrade of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement. In 1985 to 1991 he was YCPDM President Up Station Branch Bamenda. While in Ngoundere, he was the CPDM Vice President of Mabanga Sub Section from 1991 to 1996. From 2002 to 2007 he was the CPDM Central Committee Resource Person/Delegate to Bui III Oku Section. In 2013 he was the Vice President for Regional Senatorial campaign team for the North West Region.  From October 2015 to present, Ngum Jerome Njioh is the CPDM Economic and Finance Delegate for the Bui III CPDM Oku.

Excellence Awards and Congratulatory Letters

For over the years, Ngum Jerome has been receiving awards from institutions and organizations - prove of his hard work as a Mayor and wisdom which has not just obtained over night but through practical experience he has lived.

Mayors Awards

 Achievements of Lord Mayor NGUM Jereome NJIOH

As a developer, he has achieved much for Oku and the neighboring tribes. He has succeeded the disenclavement of Oku. Roads, bridges, culverts, schools, hospitals, gravity water systems, boreholes, electricity, are found in all the 36 villages that make up the Elak Oku Municipality.

As a custodian of the culture, he has embarked on the preservation and conservation of the customs of his people. Oku being the melting pot for the Cameroon tourism sector, the Lord Mayor is very aware of this and his policies has been geared toward constructing tourism structures, and developing all the numerous sites in Oku.

As peace maker, he Spear headed the peace talks and reconciliatory moves between Oku-Mbessa and Oku-Noni tribes, as evident in the present peaceful co-existence amongst these neighboring tribes.